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Monday, August 15, 2005

Midnight Evils, Going Out in Style

Midnight Evils at the Pizza Lucé Block Party

Thank goodness for Phase II of the Midtown Greenway! Uptown is now only a 20-minute bike ride from my house. Comes in handy during those hot days when I need a quick route to the lakes, or during those paydays when I need a quick route to the recent arrival bins at Cheapo. The speedy bike trail also comes in handy when I’m in a mad rush to catch one of the last shows the Midnight Evils will ever play.

Yep, the 3rd annual Pizza Lucé Block Party last Saturday was the Midnight Evils’ 3rd-to-last show until they make like a banana and…

Their next show – Wednesday, August 24, in the First Avenue Mainroom – promises to be a memorable experience. As epic as that show might be, however, it will lack the diverse sea of people and the beautiful weather experienced at the block party. Oh my, what a great time I had! Thanks to my intense bike ride, I was adequately warmed-up for the Evils’ deluge of yips, yaps, ridiculous guitar solos, and leg kicks (otherwise, I probably would’ve pulled a muscle). Ahh, I’m gonna miss those crazy guys.

And what is a street party without an appearance by Har Mar Superstar? Well, it wouldn’t even be a street party. Unfortunately, he left his pants on this time (sorta). But I wasn’t too disappointed; Har Mar actually put on a really tight show. I was very impressed (I even lost my cool and danced up a storm).

We sure do raise ‘em sexy here in Minnesota. First Prince, and now Har Mar. As Sean Tillman (Har Mar Superstar) announced at the show, he actually grew up in Owatonna. Now here’s today’s fun high school trivia: Sean Tillman attended Owatonna High School with Craig Minowa from Cloud Cult, and Ted Nesseth from The Heavenly States. Now go and impress your friends with your newly acquired knowledge.

For those about to rock...

Har Mar Superstar wearing his pants a little too low

Har Mar waves goodbye to the Midnight Evils

Midnight Evils @ Aardvark Records: March 26, 2005
Har Mar Superstar @ Grand Old Day: June 5, 2005
Har Mar Superstar @ Emo's Main Room (SXSW): March 18, 2005


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