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Friday, December 23, 2005

Havin' at It

Ha! You didn’t honestly think that I could let this year come to an end without writing another feature on The Haves Have It, did you?

The Haves Have It

The karaoke singers upstairs in the Spring Street Tavern were severely upstaged by the post-hardcore craziness shaking the Club Underground on the 14th of December.

The raucous quartet, Kitcar, kicked things off. This was my first encounter with Kitcar, and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. Their sloppy, but intense line of attack shook the winter right out of me.


Maiden Korea…my how they’ve matured since I last saw them! Well, I guess that was to be expected since the last time I saw them was over three years ago. They’ve definitely come a long way since writing songs about getting their hearts broken by household cleaning products (but seriously, I recommend seeking out their song “Swiffer” – it is the ultimate emo song). Yeah, it was nice to see them again. Very good set.

Maiden Korea

I love The Haves Have It. Even though their set was riddled by technical difficulties, and faulty speakers, they still kicked my ass. Word has it that The Haves Have It just got out of the studio. Oooh, 2006 is looking good already! On top of that, they will be sharing a bill with Belles of Skin City, Dessa, Unknown Profits, Digitata, Duplomacy, and The Divebomb Honey for the Rock for Roe benefit show at the Triple Rock (January 22). There’s no way in Hell I’d miss that!

The Haves Have It

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