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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Clientele

November 18th at the 400 Bar. Hey look at that! That was only last week! I’m finally starting to catch up.

I actually went to see a band from England. That’s a pretty rare occurrence. Ever since Clear Channel started promoting concerts in the Twin Cities, they seemed to have had a monopoly on British bands, especially the buzz bands. As a result, I became very disconnected and disenfranchised with British music. That’s really quite a shame. Fortunately, thanks in part to our scene’s pure animosity toward Clear Channel’s occupation of our venues, the corporate behemoth is starting to lose ground in the Twin Cities. Maybe I can finally start rising out of my North American isolationism! With my newfound enthusiasm for British music, I sprang at the opportunity to see The Clientele perform a non-Clear Channel show at the 400 Bar.

Alt-country band Mosquito Ranch opened the show. They were kind of a misfit, being that they were the only band there who probably hadn’t spent years studying Galaxie 500. Needless to say, they were the most rockin’ band in attendance.

Annie Hayden (remember? She used to be in Spent) played next. No, she’s not from England, even though she was trying to speak in an English accent to humor The Clientele. Her sweet but catchy songs were superb. Luckily, I wasn’t expecting much of a stage show. The trio wasn’t very mobile. Oh well. I was pleased to find out, however, that Annie Hayden covers our very own Replacements (“Swingin Party”) on her new album, The Enemy of Love.

Annie Hayden

If Annie Hayden wasn’t very mobile, then The Clientele were absolutely stiff. I suppose I have to keep in mind that they come from a country where almost everyone spent the first half of the Nineties proudly referring to themselves as “shoegazers.” Although The Clientele were motionless, their music was flawless. Alasdair MacLean effortlessly plucked at his guitar with his long, painted fingernails while he appeased us with his uber-distinct British drawl. They closed with a clever cover of “A Picture of Dorian Gray” by Television Personalities. I admit, I yawned a few times throughout the show, but I left satisfied nevertheless.

The Clientele


Blogger erinlein said...

aww, lee, i miss you. come see me in deutschland.

11:40 PM

Blogger *Ashley* said...

Hey-o Lee. Thanks for visiting my blog. I was actually considering going back to the old blog format of just the picture of the expanded crochet purse! It is simple yet engaging how it is small one minute and long the next.

Speaking of the Replacements, did you know the Paul Westerburg and I have the same lamp? Erica was at his house once and saw it. I have celebrity taste, what can I say.

By the way, do not see Half Act, Katie and I went to see her coworker (the drummer) YAWN-O-RAMA.
However I will say they were all realy nice people.

11:51 AM


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