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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Ponys

The Ponys

On Wednesday (10-19-2005), The Paper Chase put on an amazing show at the Triple Rock for some crickets, a tumbleweed, and me. On Thursday (10-20-2005), the Triple Rock was packed to the brim with people eagerly awaiting The Ponys. Where were all these people the night before? I better hear some good excuses.

Anyway…hipster band, The Drama Club opened the show. You know, it’s been interesting to witness the effects of Interpol’s success. First, the major labels start signing bands like Longwave and The Stills, and then a new crop of less interesting sound-alike bands start springing up across the country – even in the Twin Cities where we’ve had a long and proud history of starting our own trends. The Drama Club unabashedly follows this NYC trend. But what do they care? They’re too cool. Too cool to move on stage, too cool to smile, and too cool to honor the indoor smoking ban. Yeah, I believe you Drama Club, you’re important. Pff!

The Drama Club

Die Electric! were their usual wacky selves. Just some good-old punk rock. What more can I say? Umm…I like it when Misha dives over his drum set.

David Gardner and Die Electric!

Last time I saw The Ponys, they were opening for The Unicorns (a band that, unfortunately, will only live on in legends). That equestrian-themed show went down in history as one of the best shows I’d ever seen at the Triple Rock (mainly because The Unicorns, aside from being pure geniuses, were freakin’ hilarious). This particular show won’t go down in history, but The Ponys were good, nonetheless. They played a surprisingly even mix of songs from both of their albums. The absence of their old guitarist, Ian Adams, was a little disappointing, though. Although his voice could be a little grating, Ian’s songs were some of their most interesting. Oh well, at least The Ponys still exist. I’m positive that this show would have been more memorable if it wasn’t sandwiched between two extraordinary shows: the previous night’s Paper Chase show, and the following night’s unexpectedly legendary performance at First Avenue (which I’ll get to next).

The Ponys

Die Electric! @ The 7th Street Entry: May 28, 2005


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Here's a link to a few videos of Die Electric! playing at the Triple Rock. Enjoy.


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