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Saturday, October 22, 2005

400 Blows

Monday, October 10th: I decide to be naughty and go to the Turf Club on a school night. Totally worth it, though. Los Angeles’s 400 Blows was in town, and a winning cast of local bands was supporting them.

Build My Gallows High opened the night with their dynamic instrumental rock. The voice samples that define some of their “well-known” recordings were absent during their set. But what they lacked in production, they made up for in something that can never be adequately captured on a recording: sheer volume.

Build My Gallows High

Next, The Vets summarized the Sonic Youth-inspired noise-rock bands of the 80s and the Slint-inspired math-rock bands of the 90s with their dual-guitar attack. Cool compositions obviously geared toward music geeks like me. Even though Adam and Andy’s other projects may be receiving more attention right now, The Vets’ flawless performance proved that they were still on top of their game.

The Vets

Falcon Crest heated things up with their balls-to-the-wall post-hardcore. I hadn’t seen Falcon Crest in a while, so their set was definitely a treat. They hadn’t lost any of their energy. In fact, I think I burned some calories just watching them.

Falcon Crest

After rocking through three openers, I was a little tired by the time 400 Blows hit the stage. But 400 Blows showed no sign of fatigue, so I followed their lead and woke up. Sometimes it just takes a little yelling and screaming and a four-string guitar to get me going. Great show, but oh! I definitely paid for it in the morning.

400 Blows

The Vets @ The Triple Rock: September 3, 2005


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