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Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Vets, Valina, and Cell Phones

The Vets as seen through my cell phone

The Of Montreal show had finished, but the night was still young, so I decided to hang around the Triple Rock for the late show. I was due for another show by The Vets, but the thing that really sold me was that math rockers Valina flew all the way from their homeland of Austria to kick off their US tour in the Twin Cities.

The Vets rocked as usual. The things people are doing with their guitars nowadays…wowee. Andy Larson (who also plays in a band called hand) and Adam Burt (who also plays in a band called, umm…STNNNG) are on their way to becoming official guitar gods (but in the good Thurston Moore way, not the *yawn* Eddie Van Halen way). I like ‘em.

Valina as seen through my cell phone

Valina’s set was enthralling. Yeah, they’re a guitar band too, but their drummer was definitely the center of attention. Yikes, he was loud (but in a good way, not the *yawn* Alex Van Halen way). Almost as entertaining were the German lessons offered by the singer (when he was translating what the bass player was saying to their Austrian sound guy).

Sicbay was the headliner, but I couldn’t stay. It had been a long day, and I needed to wake up really early the next morning. I know, I’m becoming a party pooper.

By the way, I rebounded from forgetting my camera by using the camera in my cell phone. Just as good, right?

Sicbay @ The Triple Rock: July 21, 2005


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