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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Honestly, I’m not lazy. I’ve just been extremely busy. Extremely busy. As a result, Dinosaur in Trouble has been feeling a bit neglected. I sincerely apologize.

Two Wednesdays have passed since the last Dino Porno, and I haven’t gotten around to writing about a handful of excellent shows (including Smog, Maudlin, Of Montreal, and The Vets). Hopefully within the coming weeks, I’ll be able to get my life in order, and Dinosaur in Trouble will thrive once again.

Until then, check out Minneapolis’s top-ten entry in Schools That Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide. Now, I won’t give my opinion of Rolling Stone. And I won’t spend any time debating the quality of the research [why is there a picture of an Englishman and a mention of Motion City Soundtrack – a band from the Twin Cities – in the entry for St. Louis?]. But I will say that I’m satisfied that my favorite indie rock towns made the top ten (Minneapolis, Austin, Chapel Hill, Athens, Portland, and Seattle).

Be aware, however, that the synopsis of the Minneapolis scene is a little outdated. Let It Be Records closed its doors in June. And even though they mentioned my two favorite radio stations (Radio K and KFAI), they neglected to mention everyone else’s favorite public radio station (The Current).

What am I doing? I need to get back to work.


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