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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Maudlin Returns!

Maudlin rocks the Terminal Bar

One of the negative aspects of me getting a real job at the end of last month was that I couldn’t keep up with the demands of Dinosaur in Trouble (I also couldn’t go to shows as often). My weekly mp3 feature, Dino Porno, was hit the hardest. Three weeks have now passed since the last Dino Porno. But don’t worry; it’ll be back – it’s just resting until I can get my shit together. Fortunately, the last band featured in Dino Porno was Maudlin, and their song “Dancecaster” should be enough to hold you over until the next Dino Porno.

Speaking of Maudlin, shortly after they appeared in Dino Porno, I had the privilege of experiencing their long-awaited return to the Twin Cities live circuit (August 26th at the Terminal Bar). What a solid performance! David and Priscilla’s apt vocal interplay and impeccably crafted pop songs energized the Terminal. I was on the verge of singing and dancing along (especially during their updated rendition of “Dancecaster”), but I didn’t have the guts to draw attention to myself in front of the 15 other people in the bar. I’m positive that the other people in the audience were feeling the same urge. So perhaps I’ll be brave next time and start dancing. I’m sure everyone else will be quick to join in.

I desperately needed to find an outlet for the energy injected into me by Maudlin, so I decided to head over to a party I heard about earlier in the week. When I arrived at the party, I learned that another one of my favorite local bands, The Haves Have It, had just finished rocking the house with an impromptu set. I didn’t think I’d ever miss a Haves Have It show, but I guess even Dinosaur in Trouble can’t be on top of everything. I’m not complaining; I got to see Maudlin, that’s more than enough excitement for the night.

Maudlin @ Dino Porno #2: “Dancecaster”
The Haves Have It @ The Triple Rock: August 12, 2005
The Haves Have It @ The 7th Street Entry: July 9, 2005
The Haves Have It @ house party: May 21, 2005


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