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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Catching Up

I’m so sorry, dedicated readers. This negligence will not stand! There have been a heaping handful of shows that I’ve been meaning to document, but alas, I’ve been a bit distracted. We’ll see if I can’t remedy the situation today.

Of course, since I waited so long to write about these shows, my memory may not be so sharp. So if you’re looking for a detailed transcript of Craig Finn’s rantings at the recent Hold Steady show, I’d advise you to search elsewhere.

Oh, and I suppose I can leave you with some pictures. This first one is of my friend/old roommate Mike’s band Smashius Clay (formerly known as Cleaver Groveland, sometimes known as Smashius Clay and the Awesomists). Saw their live debut at the Triple Rock way back on October 26. The second is of acoustic guitar experimentalist bo.monro during his live debut/CD release show at the Manhattan Loft on November 10.

Smashius Clay

bo.monro (as seen through my cell phone)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you enjoyed the show, bo.monro will be performing in red wing, mn on december 30. if you need more info check out www.bomonro.com

thanks very much for checkin me out!


9:50 AM


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