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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gold Star for Robotboy


The incredible Decemberists show left me craving more, more, more music. So since the night was still young, I decided to go check out what was happening at the Uptown Bar.

Witty pop band, Ellen Kay, was happening. They were by no means profound, but their songs definitely were amusing – particularly their song dedicated to Star Tribune music journalist, Chris Riemenschneider. Well, I won’t be satisfied until someone dedicates an ass-kissing song to Dinosaur in Trouble.

Ellen Kay

And it was good to see The Umbrella Sequence back in action. I’ve always liked them, even though I think they sound way too British. They’ve crafted a whole new crop of songs since I last saw them, and their performance convinced me that their new album is something to look forward to. And yeah, the new songs still sound suspiciously British.

The Umbrella Sequence

My main motive for going to the Uptown was to give Robotboy another chance. I think I was a little unfair last time. Maybe it was the elated mood that The Decemberists put me in, but I really enjoyed Robotboy this time around. Their fun and simple punk rock was a good way to end my marathon week of concerts (actually, I had tickets for The New Pornographers show the following night, but unfortunately, their bassist had to get his appendix removed, so they cancelled the show). Oh yeah, the lasers were pretty cool too.


Robotboy @ The Uptown Bar: August 19, 2005


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