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Monday, June 12, 2006

Masters of Midway

On June 3rd, the Turf Club, Big V’s, and eight of the best bands the Twin Cities have to offer teamed up for a fundraiser benefiting the father of one of the girls in the Shim Sham Shufflers (he needed a wheelchair-accessible van). Unsurprisingly, the affair turned out to be the year’s undisputed best night of local music. Truly amazing. I had such a great time running back and forth between the Turf Club and Big V’s (reminded me a lot of SXSW). Let’s hope the success of this event encourages the Turf Club and Big V’s to set up similar galas in the future. Here are the players:

Falcon Crest - Turf Club

Assassinations (first show ever) - Big V's

Signal to Trust - Turf Club

The Chambermaids - Big V's

Malachi Constant - Turf Club

STNNNG - Big V's

Superhopper - Turf Club

Seawhores (the loudest grand finale ever) - Big V's


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