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Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 12 - The Dad in Common and Fog

The Dad in Common

I would describe The Dad in Common as the perfect band to open for Akron/Family. Oh wait…they did open for Akron/Family – I just got to the venue too late. I still managed to buy their EP at the show, though. After I took it home and listened to it, I was kicking myself. Show up for the opening bands, dammit!

Well, I still missed the opening band (The Deaf) at yesterday’s Turf Club show, but at least The Dad in Common were headlining this time around (it was their CD release show). To make matters even better, Fog also played!

Fog is amazing live. Seriously. Fog is amazing live. Seriously.

If anyone can follow Fog, it’s The Dad in Common. They put on a spectacular show. I know I wasn’t the only one who thought so – I hadn’t seen such a lively audience at a local show in a long time. Yeah!


Fog @ The Cedar Cultural Center: October 15, 2005


Blogger sufferwords said...

You make it seem like the Minn scene is in full bloom , just lie it is here in L.A., check out Future Pigeon (not my band, I write)


7:27 PM

Blogger sufferwords said...



7:27 PM

Blogger erinlein said...

ugh i want to go to concerts and party my face off.

miss you!

8:07 AM

Blogger Lee said...

What? Are you telling me you've had enough of krautrock already? You of all people should know that Germans can party their faces off too.

And dear Sufferwords, I'm not making it seem like anything. Our scene has been in full bloom ever since the early eighties.

Out of curiosity, does indie rock exist in L.A.? (I'm not talking about the kind that you need valet parking for).

9:51 PM


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