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Saturday, May 13, 2006

April 29 - The Essex Green

The Essex Green

The NYC wing of the Elephant 6 collective, in the form of The Essex Green, paid us a long-overdue visit last month. And just as I expected, they were awesome.

The Turf Club, however, continued its questionable tradition of pairing touring bands with inappropriate local acts. Don’t get me wrong, Luke’s Angels and The Deaths are just fine on their own. But the audience was really looking forward to some good ol' indie pop. And placing The Essex Green in the middle of the lineup probably wasn’t the wisest decision either.

It was interesting, I will say, to see Nicole Kalodrich and Cody Horton playing with Luke’s Angels (they were Jean Angel and Faux Wayne, respectively, of Faux Jean’s old linuep). I was kind of wondering where they had gotten off to. Oh, and The Deaths are cool because they gave me a shirt. Thanks.

Luke's Angels

The Deaths


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