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Friday, March 24, 2006

Heiruspecs and Brother Ali

Immediately after I returned from Duluth (February 24th), I headed over to the sold-out Great Hall in Coffman Union to satisfy the hip-hop craving that I didn’t really have. I missed most of Kanser’s set, which was really a shame since I’ve been enjoying their recent radio “singles.” It was also a special night for Kanser since they were playing with a full band. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll see them again some time soon.

At least I didn’t miss the always-dazzling Heiruspecs. Be it the clever rhyming, the Rahzel-style sound effects, or the incredible musicians in the band, Heiruspecs shows are always tons of fun. This show was no exception, thanks in part to Heiruspecs’ understanding of hip-hop’s tradition of crowd interaction.

Heiruspecs pack the Great Hall

Next up was the sometimes-dazzling Brother Ali. Aided by The C.O.R.E.’s Toki Wright, Brother Ali brought us up with his lively old-school braggadocio, and then brought us way down with his slicing a cappella autobiographical rhymes. Very touching.

Brother Ali


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