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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sexiest Concerts of 2005

The legendary 7th Street Entry

No offense to Dinosaur in Trouble, but reviewing concerts is absolutely absurd. Critiquing a live performance is nothing like critiquing an album. Recorded works afford the possibility of consistent repeated listens and the “give-it-some-time-it-will-grow-on-you” phenomenon. Concerts, on the other hand, have only one chance to impress, and that one chance is riddled with thousands of variables. Unfortunately for the musician, many of the major variables affecting a concertgoer’s perception lie completely within the concertgoer. The success of a concert is often completely dependent on the spectator’s mood, memory, and personal taste, making concert reviews perhaps the most subjective realm of music journalism.

That being said, I would now like to present a top-ten list of my favorite concerts of 2005. Notice I said favorite concerts, not best concerts. I can’t claim that I have to ability to determine the best concerts of the year. These are simply the concerts that “hit the spot” and left me with no regrets when I woke up the next morning tired as hell.

1. The Decemberists
First Avenue: October 21, 2005

2. Why? / Fog / Thee More Shallows
Cedar Cultural Center: October 15, 2005

3. Menomena / Pit er Pat
7th Street Entry: March 3, 2005

4. Arcade Fire / Wolf Parade
First Avenue: September 29, 2005

5. The Haves Have It
7th Street Entry: July 9, 2005

6. Architecture in Helsinki
Turf Club: June 3, 2005

7. Caribou
400 Bar: June 5

8. Xiu Xiu
Triple Rock: March 26, 2005

9. Sufjan Stevens
First Avenue: September 18, 2005

10. Phosphorescent
Turf Club: September 21, 2005


Blogger Driver2165 said...

right on

not only that, but the b fleischmann show i saw in san francisco was completely different than the one i saw a few months earlier at the entry.

at least with albums everybody's got the same shot to hear the same thing

4:01 PM


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