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Friday, March 24, 2006

Wagner and the Zombie Men, pt. 2

On February 25th at Big V’s, my wish for more Wagner and the Zombie Men was finally granted. But first, I had the opportunity to experience the first and last performance of NOT Cool, Yeah (apparently named to distinguish themselves from local group, Cool, Yeah). Most of the music played by this one-off band was openly lifted from other people’s songs, but they were still very entertaining.

NOT Cool, Yeah

Wagner and the Zombie Men continued their zombie narrative. They started by recapping the storyline from their previous show (through song, of course). But once we were all up to speed, they left us hanging and started a new storyline. The idea is that there are several concurrent storylines that will somehow intertwine and connect in the end. The new storyline recounted a school field trip that was besieged by zombies. Through the sudden realization that his parents were killed by zombies, a schoolboy develops the courage to battle off his classmates and teacher who had all become infected with the zombie sickness. For several of their songs, Wagner and the Zombie Men were joined by a guitar player who added a new dimension to their creepy narratives. This is getting exciting. I can’t wait for part three!

Wagner and the Zombie Men

Although the people I was with didn’t really agree, I thought the third band, Princess Wishingstar, was very appropriate. True, their music was about as ridiculous as anything that Manowar has done. But instead of using metal to tell tales of warriors and dragons, they used shaky space rock to paint a picture of B-movie-style sci-fi. A zombie band and a sci-fi band – could you ask for a better pairing? I apologize for making my friends sit through Princess Wishingstar’s set. But how could you not like a band with a song called “Ctrl+Alt+Del?”

Princess Wishingstar

Wagner and the Zombie Men @ The Dinkytowner: January 29, 2006


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