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Saturday, May 13, 2006

March 12 - Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian

Instead of writing pages and pages on Belle & Sebastian (perhaps the greatest band to ever exist), I’ll just post some pictures of their show with The New Pornographers at the Orpheum. I will say this, though – if you don’t appreciate their new stuff, you just need to see them perform it live for it to make sense. That’s how I was able to get into Dear Catastrophe Waitress in 2003, and that’s how I recently learned to value The Life Pursuit. If you don’t appreciate their old stuff…well, you’re just ignorant.

Speaking of old stuff, it’s hard to believe that Belle & Sebastian have been around for a decade. Throughout those ten years, they have built up the strongest catalogue of any functioning band in indie rock (save The Magnetic Fields), and they do an excellent job of spanning that catalogue when they play live. I was really impressed with their ability to mix their old songs with their new songs and make it sound so natural. They even threw in some left-field surprises, like “Electronic Renaissance” (when I saw them at Coachella 2002, someone requested “Electronic Renaissance” and Stuart Murdoch laughed it off as if it were the most ridiculous plea he had ever heard).

Belle & Sebastian

The New Pornographers were great too, but they seemed so insignificant in the opening slot. Hopefully I’ll be able to see them headline someday. Even a Canadian super group pales in comparison to Belle & Sebastian.

The New Pornographers


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