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Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 6 - Elf Power

Elf Power

Not only did I make it from The Haves Have It show to the Entry in time to see Elf Power, I also managed to catch fellow Elephant 6ers, The Instruments. Even though, at least on tour, The Instruments feature most of the same musicians as Elf Power, they are nowhere near as poppy as Elf Power. In fact, they’re kinda depressing. Oh well, good enough for me.

Elf Power was great. It didn’t matter that there were far less people at the Entry than there were at The Haves Have It show; Elf Power played as if it were a sold-out venue. I’ve been lucking out with these Elephant 6 bands recently (The Essex Green was the previous weekend). What am I going to do next weekend without my psych-drenched indie pop?

Andrew Rieger of Elf Power

The Instruments


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