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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Triumphant Return of Rifle Sport

Ever traveled through time? It’s fun; you should give it a try. I did last night.

I spent Saturday evening with some friends watching the 80’s-defining movie, “War Games.” I can only think of one thing that would be more 80’s-appropriate than a Matthew Broderick movie about the Cold War and funny-looking computers. What is that one thing? You guessed it: seeing Rifle Sport play at the 7th St Entry.

I got pretty excited when I heard about the Rifle Sport reunion. I wasn’t sure if anyone else felt the same way, though. There didn’t seem to be any hype behind the show, and most of my friends have never even heard of Rifle Sport. But as soon as I walked into the Entry, I realized that I wasn’t alone in my excitement. The Entry was overflowing with people! It was quite the challenge to navigate through the 20-, 30-, and 40-year-old scenesters. But I eventually made my way up to the front of the stage so I could get a clear view of the legendary Minneapolis band.

The night belonged to Rifle Sport; even the openers were closely related to Rifle Sport. Kontrol Panel, which is the current project of Rifle Sport guitarist, Gerard Boissey, played first. Unfortunately, I missed them because the show actually started on time. That’s not supposed to happen at the Entry! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll see them eventually – they play a little more frequently than Rifle Sport does these days.

I got there in time for Brick Layer Cake – the band founded by Rifle Sport’s drummer, Todd Trainer (OK, maybe you know him as the drummer from Shellac). Todd and Gerard played guitars while the guitarist from Arcwelder hit the drums. Pretty dark and scary stuff. Actually, I was more scared by the sparkler hanging from the ceiling. After it ran out of spark, the stick caught on fire, and the flame climbed up to the ceiling. Luckily, the guy from Sputnik Sweetheart jumped onto the stage to put the fire out. (I doubt anything would’ve happened, but after that whole Great White incident…you never know.)

Flour played next. Yeah, Flour is the band that Flour plays in (he’s the bassist from Rifle Sport). His set was a lot of fun – especially since he was backed by Arcwelder and a pretty bass player.

You probably already guessed that Arcwelder was the final opener. Unlike the other bands, they’re not directly related to Rifle Sport. But nonetheless, they were a very appropriate opener. They’re another band that has made a slight comeback within the past few years. Good thing too, because they still rock! Arcwelder did a great job of warming up the audience for Rifle Sport (as evidenced by the mosh pit started by some people who were old enough to know better).

Thus far, I had stepped ten years into the past – far enough to witness some great early 90’s Touch & Go bands (Brick Layer Cake, Flour, and Arcwelder were all on Touch & Go). But once Rifle Sport hit the stage, my journey into the 80’s was complete. I truly felt like I was part of history. This was the exact same stage that Rifle Sport frequented when I was a little kid, and many of the people in the audience were people that helped develop our music scene into what it is today. While I was watching Rifle Sport rock the Entry, I couldn’t help but think, “So this is what was going on while I was busy listening to Michael Jackson? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” I obviously can’t compare this show to Rifle Sport’s performances in their heyday (I was still in elementary school the last time they played together). But I was impressed, and it appeared that the rest of the audience was as well. I even overheard Steve McClellan (the owner of First Avenue) ecstatically praising the show.

We’re on a roll with these reunions! Who’s next? The Suicide Commandos? Man Sized Action? Babes in Toyland? Cows? Umm…hehe…Hüsker Dü? Keep ‘em coming! It’s not that I’m living in the past. It’s just that I realize that the present would very different if it wasn’t for these trail-blazing bands. I appreciate Rifle Sport very much.


Blogger Katie said...

Glad you enjoyed the blast to the past that was War Games. Perhaps we'll have to have a 90's night some time. I'm thinking Wayne's World might be a good choice :)

9:35 PM

Blogger zom said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comments regarding our show. We had a great time and were really happy to see that some of you kids liked Rifle Sport.

I don't know if we'll do another show, but it's not out of the question. But thanks for caring..

12:48 PM


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