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Friday, February 11, 2005


Reaction #1:

C’mon Pitchfork – the #2 album of the last five years is Jay-Z’s The Blueprint? Really? Why not Justin Timberlake? Why not Nickelback?

So you don’t want to be dismissed as pretentious indie snobs? You want to build your journalism credibility by showing that you can expand into other genres, and that you can review mainstream music with an unbiased eye? Well, that’s very noble of you, but you’re obviously trying too hard.

There already are plenty of music journals out there that people don’t take seriously. Leave the praise of uninspired mainstream artists to them. Pitchfork, the reason why you have such a dedicated readership is because you stay ahead of the game. You keep up with the ever-shifting trends in underground music (and sometimes you create the trends). People come to you to read about innovative and underexposed music – music that is something more than bulk fodder for rampant American consumerism.

So why would you choose to ignore the thousands of underground hip-hop acts that have really pushed the boundaries of the genre – the artists who have made incredible advances by approaching hip-hop from previously unexplored angles? These artists are the reason why hip-hop continues to evolve creatively at an exponential rate. We already read about Jay-Z and Missy Elliott in RollingStone and saw them on MTV. Why would you jump on that bandwagon when, instead, you could be chronicling a very exciting and pivotal era in underground hip-hop?

Your list of the Top 100 Albums of 2000-04 is a bunch of BS. Pull your head out of your ass.

Reaction #2:

Hey look at the albums that made Pitchfork’s list:
The UnicornsWho Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?
Godspeed You Black Emperor!Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
FugaziThe Argument
Broken Social SceneYou Forgot It in People

Haven’t I been telling all you people how amazing these albums are? Some of you doubted me. But now it’s obvious that your skepticism is completely unfounded. After all, Pitchfork agrees with me. This only confirms that I have excellent judgment when it comes to music. You can’t even argue against that fact now.

Thank goodness for Pitchfork’s list of the Top 100 Albums of 2000-04!


My friend Ellie writes, “It is very entertaining to make fun of [Pitchfork’s] pretensions for three minutes and then spend the next five agreeing that one of their choices was really quite spot-on.” And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I absolutely love lists. When you disagree with an item on a list, it’s so gratifying to criticize the list makers and to show off your superior knowledge and taste. But when you happen to agree with an item on a list, suddenly the list becomes a confirmation and a justification for whatever you believe. You can then use the list to show off your superior knowledge and taste. What fun.

Come to think of it, what this blog needs are some good lists. I think my next post will be a list of some sort. I wonder what it should be. Let me dwell on it for a bit. I’ll get back to you.


Blogger ÍO said...

hey Lee, thnx for visiting my blog. Don't worry, I know my blog is(almost) entirely in spanish, so you don't have to comment on it. I'll just look around once in a while over here and drop a comment if you don't mind. Take care...

5:54 PM

Blogger Thadius said...


6:21 PM

Blogger merkin said...

hey i wasn't even aware pitchfork still had cultural relevance...no really....but then again, did it ever?
i says...
pitchfork is to indie as some punk rock kid attending the diesel afterparty last night.. i mean whatever

im drunk

6:28 PM

Blogger Chase said...

broken social scene rocks.

pitchfork is so pretentious that it sometimes makes me sick to read their crap.

they need to get over themselves.

6:40 PM

Blogger Lee said...

Yes! This is awesome! Rip Pitchfork apart! But I'm telling you, once Pitchfork says something that you agree with, you'll be willing to ignore their pretentiousness and bask in a feeling of vindication.

7:26 PM

Blogger Sofi said...

Thanks for checking out my blog.

I agree with you on Pitchfork. I fucking hate them, but I still read the site every other day.

I think your list should be: Best Lists of 2004.

10:44 AM

Blogger Lee said...

Great idea! I'll get on that right away.

2:43 PM


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