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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Music Inventory

hard drive exploded
everything that was wasn't
started all over

Of course, I didn't back anything up. So every picture I ever took with my digital camera was lost. All the thousands of mp3s I so patiently downloaded disappeared. Every project I ever saved onto my computer was gone forever.

One of the biggest blows was the loss of my "CD Inventory." It was a project I started my freshman year in college to keep track of my growing collection of music. Instead of studying for midterms or going to football games, I spent weeks typing artist names, album titles, track listings, and release dates into a gigantic Word document. I kept the inventory up-to-date as the years passed. Every time I acquired a new CD or record, I would add the information to my list. Yes, it was an extremely geeky thing to do, but I was proud of my inventory, and it often came in handy (for purposes that were far too geeky to even mention).

Well, I've got some good news for those of you who care (there's gotta be someone out there besides me). I just put the finishing touches on my new-and-improved "Music Inventory" around 3:00 am last night! Considering that I had to start from scratch in a completely different format (html instead of a Word document), learn some scripting languages, and incorporate Jessica's CDs (we combined our collections), it's a wonder that it only took me the entire summer to complete. Oh, and it's so much better than before. It's completely sortable, searchable, and scrollable. And since I'm publishing it on the web, it's actually backed-up this time around.

I've tried to be as accurate as possible with the release years (which required a lot of research in some cases), and the track listings (which can be accessed by clicking on the album title). But it's inevitable that there will be some mistakes or typos. If you happen to catch any errors, please contact me through this blog. I'm a perfectionist, and I need your input to be completely satisfied with my little project.

Click on the link below to check it out:
Lee & Jessica's Music Inventory

By the way, congratulations to the soccer team I support. Another amazing win today. We're going all the way!


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