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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back From the Great White North

Pictures from my very fruitful trip to Canada will be up shortly. In the meantime, check out the pictures below – they might give you an idea as to why I eventually made my way back to the Twin Cities. I’ve seen the world. Nothing compares to what we have going here.


Anonymous Hema said...

I'm back from a great long road trip too. Drove a friend to Seattle, WA and got back 2 days ago. The drive was a lot of fun, especially driving through Montana.

Left you a a voicemail about a probable visit to the twin cities, but unfortunately took a different route, and hence had to bypass my favorite twins. Next time. I'm assuming you were at work and so didn't call back.

The Birthday Suits are playing here in Athens,OH on the 20th. The last time they were here, everyone dug them a lot. Looking forward to them rocking our socks off again.

Hope you're well.

2:00 PM

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